About Us

Express Data, located in Phuket, Thailand, is the leading enterprise of IT solution and One-Stop Internet Service Provider. Established in February 1996, Express Data offers comprehensive and advanced IT solutions for all market sectors. Its customer portfolio included leading five-star hotels, international schools, hospitals, marinas and a diverse range of small-and-medium size business.

Our Philosophy

To provide a quality of an outstanding service to our customers, with belief in powerful and reliable service combines with fast responsive customer support at affordable prices.

Our Network

Our fiber optic ring network topology is connected between node to other nodes in the network with the first and last nodes being connected to each other. Network architecture that uses optical fiber to replace all part of the usual metal for last mile communications are fully equipped with leading advanced technology.

High Speed Internet Access

Our core network is direct-connected with the Internet Backbone via BeeNet ISP, offering high performing Internet connection.



Bee Net is an ISP division of United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH) provides High-speed Data Communication Services via leased optical fiber networks cover 77 provinces nationwide. Customer will benefit not only a private high-speed data network services but also the efficiency of providing "Single Network - Single Control - Single Management" to guarantee quality of service (QoS) throughout connection.

Web Hosting Server

Our web hosting servers are located in a true heart of the Internet in United State with fully redundant core network and backbone connectivity. Independent Multiple DS-3 connections to 6 major Internet backbones. 100% Network uptime & 99.9% Server uptime guarantee.



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