Express Mail Server

Security & Stability within your communication network

Your organization may experience a number of problems when using email, including:

- Emails not reaching their intended destination
- No notification of email delivery failure
- Delivery delays for no apparent reason
- Lack of administrative accountability
- High costs to the organization
- Virus and Spam issues

Express Mail Server Services are designed to meet the specific needs of an organization, providing security and stability within the company's communication network.

Express Data Co. Ltd., a provider of internet services for over 15 years, is pleased to offer you a wide range of styles and choices of highly efficient Mail Server equipment, based on the latest technology, to best meet the needs of your organization's communication network. The system is suitable for free internal use and requires no other investment.

Secured Mail Server Services : Next-Generation Email, Calendar and Mobility Collaboration

No. Description Service Features Service Fee
1 Personal Mail Service (PMS)
1.1 PMS Standard
1. POP Account x 1 under domain:
2. Mailbox space 100MB/Account
3. Webbased Email and Zimbra Desktop
4. Anti Virus & Anti Spam powered by Trend Micro
5. Regular data backup
6. Calendar, Advance Search
7. Technical support 24x7x365
100 BHT /100MB/ Month/per Account
Annual Fee : 1,200 BHT
2 Maintenance Mail Server (MMS) 1. Onsite Mail Server Installation & Email Account setup as request
2. Technical support 24x7x365
3. On-Site Checkup & maintenance Mail Server on quarterly basis
4. Update Platform and other email program needs
Annual Fee 20,000 BHT
3 Shared Mail Server (SMS)
3.1 SMS Standard
1. Shared hosted email Server with realibility
2. Zimbra Platform to support Mobility Service (Optional)
3 . Webbased Email and Zimbra desktop
4. Anti Virus & Anti Spam powered by Trend Micro
5. Technical support 24x7x365
500 BHT/ 1GB/ Month/ 10 Account (Annual Payment 6,000BHT)
750 BHT/ 5GB/ Month/ 50 Account (Annual Fee 9,000BHT)
1,000 BHT/10GB/ Month/ 100 Account (Annual Fee 12,000BHT)
4 Mail Server Colocation (MSC) 1. Unlimited Data Transfer
2. 1x IP Address/Server
3. Regular Data Backup
4. Power Supply with Diesel Generator Backup
5. Secure Location with 24 hours staff & ID Identification
3,500BHT/ 1U Rack
4,500BHT/ 2U Rack
5,500BHT/ 3U Rack

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